We Love to help business owners understand their back office. Even if they won’t be doing the work, understanding the process helps everyone involved.

We offer Data Conversion for those that are using different software and want to move to QuickBooks Online or Desktop. Not as hard as it sounds, but please be sure to get help from a professional before attempting it yourself. Back up you data. Back up your Data!! BACK UP the DATA!! 🙂

Our favorite training is in the use of QuickBooks, Excel, Word, and other Office 365 products. Whether you are brand new to the bookkeeping world, or just need to brush up, we will design the lessons around your needs. We are also happy to review office practices such as filing, payroll setup, bill pay routines and task disbursement. Sometimes it is just a matter of writing up procedures to streamline the work, and other times it may mean re-organization to keep the flow progressing smoothly.

Most people choose the training on the software, but also decide to have us do some of the work. Accounting practices aren’t quite as easy to learn as invoicing, but we are here to help you toward your final goal. If you wish to become a business owner/bookkeeper, we will do our best to get you there.

Just a note about the training. Some people know a subject well, but don’t understand students various needs. Lorena has years of experience training on software, and even teaching at the college level. If you’re looking for a patient, effective trainer, you’ve come to the right place.