Financial Statements

Balance Sheet. Profit and Loss. Two year Profit and Loss. Sales Tax Liability. Payroll Liability. AR. AP. Job Costing.

Do you recognize all the types of statements listed above? How about Cash Flow? That’s one of my favorites.

Are you able to pull all the reports you need from your current bookkeeping method? Are they correct? Is it all a bunch of words and numbers that blur together?

We can:

  1. Help input the data into a system that allows for almost any report you could want.
  2. We can help you understand the data, and the various accounting methods to get better reporting.
  3. We can email you reports Quarterly, Monthly, or when you just need to see how things are going. You decide.

Financial Statements become more important as your business grows, at tax time, and when it’s time to expand your horizons. Getting the data in correctly is necessary, and while it may be possible to correct years of errors, it’s not the best way to do business. Make sure you’re the business owner that knows they are in good hands.