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Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever your work beverage might be. Let’s chat. I’ll start.

Who are we?

My name is Lorena Wood. I’m the founder of Personal Office Pro. I spent many years working in the back office. I started at the desk in a doctor’s office and quickly moved up to billing and bookkeeping. I’d always loved math and now spreadsheets and computers became my new obsessions. Once I was trained on the software, I started traveling to train other offices.

Moving with my family to Arizona, I was quickly referred to some larger businesses needing my expertise. Computers replaced everything, so I took some courses in networking, Windows, and DOS. If you know about DOS, then we’ll be instant friends.

As my skills progressed, I was offered new opportunities in a nationwide business. I have to thank my previous employers for sending me to all the management and software seminars. Excel was one of my favorites, but I’d still rather use QuickBooks than go back to using Excel as my only tracking software.

A few years back, I started doing personal bookkeeping for smaller businesses. This became my new passion. I’ve since worked with quite a few businesses at start up, or as they grew, helping to fine tune the management and accounting parts of their precious dream. I’ve had my own businesses, and I love seeing others realize their dreams. I also cringe when I see some that have such great ideas and the needed talent, but are doomed to fail. To own a business, means you need to know something about business. You don’t have years to accumulate the knowledge that I have, and I am willing and eager to share it. Let’s work together.

As I look back, I am immensely grateful for the many varied experiences, because they now help me see the bigger picture and the most efficient paths to success. I still love learning, so I can promise you, if I encounter something new, I have contacts and resources to find the best answers.

What about the rest of the team? We currently have similarly motivated, professional members ready to provide the best service a Personal Office Pro can provide. While we aren’t actively hiring, if you or anyone you know has a passion for bookkeeping, send them to our contact form.

Now, I need some more coffee. It’s your turn to tell me about you, your business, and what your big dreams might be.

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